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Cruel Meat-Hook Realities

First of all, you all (the reading audience) should know, is that I am writing this from a notebook that I wrote the following piece: as I am typing this onto an electronic format I am drinking a beverage consisting of mostly Mountain Dew: Code Red.

* * * * *

I am writing this article on the #84 Bus, surrounded by poor people with various smells and various teeth missing. Before I get to the crux of this text, let me give you all some background first: it will help explain my current mood and state of mind, at least I hope it does...

* * * * *

The trip to and back from Fullerton, although packed in the back of a van, was enjoyable. While the CSUS college bowl team, of which I am part of, came in fifth at the regional tournament out of eleven schools; we believed, on that Saturday night (Feb. 19th), as some of us went out to party in Universal City with some students from the University of Hawaii, that we had gone our best, giving a good effort fighting the good fight to bring honor and glory to our school. That night I had about 4 ½ Beers, 2 or 3 raspberry-flavored "Smirnoff Twists," and about three Singapore Slings (a type of mixed drink). Later, somehow, we ended up in a dance club, the "Off Campus Pub," that’s the name of the place, right near the Marriott hotel where both our teams were staying. A good place indeed to end the night.

The next day we came back to Sacramento, in various states of hangover-ness... I was Ok, of course, with only a very low and slight headache. I took some Bayer Aspirin and some Jolt Cola, and what Beer remained in my hotel room. It seemed to work. As with the trip down there on the 18th, on the trip back on the 20th, I was reading my copy of "The Great Shark Hunt" a book consisting of a collection of articles written by my favorite contemporary author in the whole world, the good doctor of journalism himself, Hunter S. Thompson.

I got home around 5:30 pm (we all had left Fullerton and the whole L.A. scene around 9:00 am), hung out at the local mall (Arden Fair) for a few hours, combating fatigue, went back home and literally crashed.. that is, I fell into a deep sleep. Around 1:30 am, I awoke and began the arduous task of sifting though all the E-mail that I had neglected. At about 2:15 am, I clicked on the link to Yahoo.Com, so as to learn about what was going on in the rest of the world. That’s when I found out.

* * * * * *

Sometime on that same wretched Sunday night as I came home and was surfing the web, my favorite writer Hunter Thompson had apparently taken one of his many guns to his head and literally blew his mind. I was then, and am now still just coming out of the shock of learning all this... so yes, I feel somewhat down and sad, that is only natural, is it not? After all, was I not one of his books only hours before? Seeing his name in the headlines like that was the LAST THING that I would have ever expected.

One may thing that I would go on some kind of drinking spree to numb the pain and sadness in my heart, and maybe if it had been any else that may have been true; but in all savage brute honesty I am too saddened to drink anything stronger than Root Beer for now.

What will I do now? I truly I don’t know for sure. Perhaps I may enter the wild world of student politics, I hear from various underground sources that there is an election soon. I want to help others, people in particular, and maybe this is the way that I can be best able to do just that. If elected (to whatever office i happen to run for), I will listen to any concern that my fellow students may have, and will not merely just give lip service to their needs as those other professional student politicians are prone to do. I will do whatever I can to do what is right, fair, and square by fellow students. I AM ONE OF YOU, and not just another political junkie.
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